Improving eBay 
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eBay can be great
When you save money or make money people feel grateful for the time they invested. Many people go on this website to see if they can snag a deal or save a few bucks on, most-of-the-time, lightly used items. While there are advanced users who use scripts and ledgers to track price fluctuation in order to get the best deal or make better sales, the average person is left to browsing the site frequently in order to get a feel for the prices of things. 

A way to help the average person (maybe) save time, money, and have better purchasing power would be to include a metric for the price of an item when sold and it's volume.  That way a person can see when there are price fluctuations and if an item has been sold at a historically lower/higher price. This also might improve the buyer experience for people looking for a quick sell because items can be quickly priced for buy-it-now based on relevant price/history data. 

 I'm not sure how this effects eBay's economy but from a user experience standpoint it potentially could be useful.

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